London Biennale

Isolde Kille

Santa Fe, New Mexico / USA

Isolde Kille
film stills; tree bark, sticks, earth, paper, glue and mirror,
wearable paintings, 2020

Currently, I am working on a new film -- walking the high plains of New Mexico and combining them with scenes from New York City, past - present - future.

The Masks are made out tree bark, sticks, earth, paper, glue and mirror. The ponchos are wearable paintings.


One sequence, two mountains, three figures and four trees ...
Every 5 seconds, sometimes, one of them looks up and reveals her story. She

who knows
he knows not, longing

for them who know

not they know not

and for them who know that they are.

I am not here.

Does she walk in her sleep?


Isolde Kille's work explores the power of imagination. In her diverse practice, Kille works intuitively across painting, video, sculpture, and installation.

Her upbringing and studies in Germany and her time spent in America has sensitized Isolde Kille to the role of images. In her work, she moves along the shifting line between the random and the structured, revealing different facets of her preoccupation with the powers and handicaps of perception. Her focus is to describe an awareness between the existing conditions and a fictional environment. In this balance Isolde Kille creates a dialogue between the individual and the collective identity and examines how images can influence our existence.

Born in Welver, Germany, she studied visual communication, film and painting at the art academies in Berlin and Dresden in Germany, receiving her master’s degree (Meisterschüler) in fine arts at the University of Arts in Berlin, Germany. 

As a graduate student, Kille was involved in several independent art initiatives, gaining her the attention of the international art community and in 1998 Kille made New York City her home. Her work has been shown internationally at venues such as: Kunstwerke and Kunsthaus Bethanien in Berlin, Germany; John Gibson Gallery, John Weber Gallery; Lital Mehr Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY; Bass Museum, Miami Beach, Florida, among others.

Since 2012 Isolde Kille lives and works near Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.