London Biennale

How to participate

In light of the current situation, we are encouraging artists to send images and texts of their masks and mirages and their concepts of the morphic mirror, with a decription of their contributions, the whys, the necessities, the fable, the introspection of each manifest to be put online as a virtual home. For those artists wanting to exhibit their physical manifest there are venues globally where the works will be exhibited, from NYC to Berlin, Lucban Phillipines, to Melbourne Australia, and other venues to be announced.

The artist or participant can author their work or remain anonymous if politically sensitive.

We dedicate this London Biennale 2020 manifest to all front line workers during this current pandemic of 2020, protesters of human rights and justice, prisoners of conscience, fellow artists and the art loving public.

In great admiration and gratitude of and for all.

please send your submissions to:

anvaspace [at] gmail [dot] com


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